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Below are some of the activities that we have done in the area of coaching….


Coaching - 5 Day Event
Personal Coaching - 1/2 Day Event
Applying Belbin in Individual and Group Coaching - 1/2 Day Event

This module has been designed to provide students with the basic coaching tools and techniques so that they coach individuals and possibly “make a difference” to other people’s lives.

This CPD accredited workshop has been designed to give individuals a first taste in coaching. It has been designed to give the attendees an opportunity to understand the intricacies of coaching.

This CPD accredited workshop has been designed to give delegates a unique taste in applying a psychometric tool – Belbin Team Role to an individual or group coaching situation.

Customers reviews

What do some of our customers think about us?

".... I was able to use the knowledge obtained not only in numerous situations in my private life (when friends and family were asking me about personal advice) but I am also applying some techniques at my everyday working life as a Recruitment Consultant when I am coaching candidates before their interviews with high profile clients..."
Andreja Plahuta
".... Azam and Eric taught me coaching for the very first time in 2014. Now that I'm working as an international head-hunter in Germany, I still use their methods in interviews and coaching sessions for senior executive positions...."
Lisa-Marie Timmreck
".... Driven by the success, some students including myself continued to coach and support other students. As a result, I'm currently setting up my own coaching business as I'm keen on its future development and dimension..."
Hannes Spengler
".... Thanks to the module to the support of two major coaches, Azam and Eric, I can state I have now a clear idea if what coaching is... From the module, part of the anchoring exercise to help us, there is a useful phrase i.e when you are stuck think of the Lego duck!"
Elena Barone

our books

….. the coaches in the course agreed on the fact, that the book that you are holding in your hands right now are one of the most valuable resources you can find within the coaching literature.”

Tita Lindauer – Germany