"Our mission is to make coaching a key life skill so that it is accessible to everyone."

We want to celebrate the success of our students who studied with us. Here are extracts of some of their testimonials..."

"...... I was able to use the knowledge obtained not only in numerous situations in my private life (when friends and family were asking me about personal advice) but am also applying some techniques at my everyday working life as a Recruitment Consultant when I am coaching candidates before their interviews with high profile clients......"

Andreja Plahuta - Slovenia

"..... Azam and Eric taught me coaching for the very first time in 2014....Now that I’m working as an international head-hunter in Germany, I still use their methods in interviews and coaching sessions for senior executive positions......."

Lisa-Marie Timmreck - Germany

"...... Driven by the success, some students including myself continued to coach and supported other students, friends and family outside the classrooms. As a result, I’m currently setting up my own coaching business as I’m keen on its future development and dimension."

Hannes Spengler – Germany

".... The coachees in the course agreed on the fact, that the book that you are holding in your hands right now are one of the most valuable resources you can find within the coaching literature."

Tita Lindauer – Germany

"Many students were eager to pursue the profession after the course finished.  I’ve found that I am able to apply many coaching skills to both my personal growth and self-development and look forward to applying them to my management role in the future."

Jennifer Valle – USA

"..... Thanks to the module and especially to the support of two major coaches, Azam and Eric, I can state I have now a clear idea of what coaching is.....From the module, part of the anchoring exercise to help us, there is a helpful phrase i.e. when you are stuck think of the Lego duck!"

Elena Barone – Italy